Rami Cassis - International Investor & Kickboxer


Rami Cassis is an international investor, operations expert, and founder of Parabellum Investments.

Rami founded Parabellum Investments, his family office and private equity firm, in 2012.

His investments include automation firm Parseq, serialisation specialist Advanco, fintech company ieDigital and digital transformation experts MajorKey.

Rami usually acquires a controlling interest in businesses, where he provides CEOs and decision-makers with the tools, expertise, and strategies to drive organic growth – a pragmatic business philosophy taken from an extensive career in operations.

Rami has held a number of executive positions with corporations, including Operations Director, Chairman, CEO, and COO.

Prior to this, Rami worked in line management with Atos, where he was Managing Director of BPO/ITO for the firm in the UK. He also had a brief consulting career with KPMG, as well as a 10 year career at Schlumberger, starting as an operating engineer before holding a succession of management roles.

Rami holds two degrees – one in Aerospace Engineering and the other in Pure and Applied Mathematics – both gained at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

In his personal life, Rami is a professional kickboxer and has fought in 13 competitive bouts. He has chalked up six wins and one draw as an amateur; and four wins, one draw, and one loss as a pro. He has a black belt, 1st Dan and trains at least three times a week.

He is also passionate about music production.