China Reparations? (Letter To The Editor @ The Times)

China Reparations? (Letter To The Editor @ The Times)

Written by Rami Cassis

As governments increasingly focus on economic recovery, the real battle will centre on who should now carry the cost. Whilst reparations from China may be a remote prospect, we could all take a stand in some small way by boycotting Chinese goods.

The crisis has made us all acutely aware of the dangers of being over-reliant on Chinese goods, now including protective clothing and medical equipment. But companies have woken up to the dangers of long supply chains and may start to re-locate production and outsourced services closer to home. A consumer boycott may accelerate this process.

China has been the world’s factory. But, with its abominable track record in human, animal and environmental rights, lack of freedom of speech, violations of intellectual property and now its pandemic gift to the world, this is a wake-up call to the West for a new approach.



Rami Cassis

CEO Parabellum Investments