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Parabellum Investments︱About the Company

Rami Cassis is the founder and the CEO of Parabellum Investments, his family office structured as a global private equity firm.

Parabellum Investments has carved out a reputation as a leading specialist investor in the technology, life sciences and business services sectors.

With a successful portfolio of growing companies based across the world, Parabellum Investments is proud to be at the forefront of innovation as it sets the standards for the future of these industries.

The Parabellum Investments Difference

Adaptable, sleek, and swift. These are not the words typically associated with a traditional private equity firm, but Parabellum Investments is far from being one of these.

All funds that we deploy are mainly Parabellum’s own, so there is no need to answer any shareholders. Quick decisions can therefore be made when needed and capital can be deployed without the need to satisfy multiple layers of bureaucracy. Neither are there any of the challenges associated with constant fundraising.

Parabellum Investments is proud of the long relationships it has with its portfolio companies and supports the management teams to help them to grow and flourish. This fosters an environment where the companies feel supported and constructively challenged rather than burdened with inane reporting or trapped in endless board meetings.

Furthermore, the team is acutely aware of the importance of continuity of service post-acquisition and the protection of the vendor’s reputation, especially in the case of corporate disposals.

Furthermore, Parabellum Investments will never purchase a company with a specific exit in mind. The typical three-to-five-year investment horizon does not apply. Indeed, it has been an investor in some companies for over ten years.

The Parabellum Investments approach to deal-making is principled, direct, and efficient. Its word counts.

The Parabellum Investments Portfolio

Parabellum Investments specializes in acquiring and working with companies from the technology, life sciences and business services sectors.

One of Parabellum Investments’ technology-based companies is ieDigital, which since its acquisition has become firmly established as one of the UK’s leading providers of the software and technology that powers the digital platforms of the biggest names in the UK banking, motor finance and mortgage sectors.

Another portfolio company is advanco, one of the globe’s leading providers of levels 2 to 5 item level serialization for the life sciences sector. Advanco’s industry-leading software platform, known as ARC, works seamlessly through manufacturing and packaging, and along the entire supply chain, featuring track and trace. The software is customized to suit current and future needs, while optimizing existing customer systems.

Razor Risk is the leading provider of risk management technology and consulting solutions to financial institutions worldwide. Its main focus is providing fast, powerful and flexible solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s risk and capital management problems posed by the ever changing economic and financial world, in addition to the increasing demands placed on financial services institutions by governments and regulators.

Fellow portfolio company, Parseq, is a trusted business process outsourcer that specializes in workflow and technical solutions, for document, financial and payment processing. It can deploy multiple technological solutions to allow firms to operate successfully, whether this involves outsourcing payroll services, stepping up debt management solutions, or providing fully managed IT solutions to companies, allowing them to concentrate on their own core business priorities.

Contact Parabellum Investments

As a specialist technology investor, Parabellum Investments is open to hearing about future potential partnerships.

If you would like to discuss an idea, please do contact us via the Parabellum Investments website.