Rami Cassis tackles supply chain issues at New York conference

Rami Cassis tackles supply chain issues at New York conference

Written by James Bishop

New York, USA, 19th October 2022 – Rami Cassis today spoke at the PEI Operating Partners Forum in New York alongside a panel of industry experts.

Appearing on a panel that delved into how private equity can help navigate supply chain disruptions, Cassis urged investors to prioritise long-term growth and use recent challenges in the supply chain as an opportunity to find new solutions and forge innovative strategies.

He emphasised the importance of improving visibility throughout the supply chain as it supports ESG commitments by enabling companies to put ethical sourcing at the forefront of the cycle.

He also highlighted how this strategy responds to consumer demands for greater transparency on where their goods come from, and predicted that soon all products will be fully traceable.

Cassis founded his family office Parabellum Investments in 2012, and his portfolio includes a number of companies that have had to adapt to supply chain disruptions in recent years. For example, Parseq introduced an award-winning serialisation solution to transport Covid-19 vaccines during the pandemic, while Advanco implemented real time track and trace to respond to regulatory pressure.

Rami Cassis said: “How the industry has responded to supply chain challenges over recent years has uncovered new opportunities to build a more resilient supply chain.

“In 10, perhaps even five, years’ time, every product will be 100% serialised and traceable. Now is the time to get ahead of the curve and invest in the technology and strategies that will drive the transition to a fully visible, traceable supply chain.

“For example, cloud technology provides much greater intelligence, while edge computing powers automatic, time-sensitive supply chain processes in warehouses, factories, and manufacturing facilities.

“Investing in the sharing economy, where companies become more involved in selling each other physical assets, planning technology, and data, will also help strengthen the supply chain. Reshoring and localising supply, meanwhile, improves supply chain resilience during major events like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“But supply chains are more than just technology and hardware. The sector needs to be more proactive in engaging with the various actors and organisations involved in supply chains at a human level.

“It was great to discuss these trends at the PEI Operating Partners Forum, and hear other insights from leaders in the industry.”

The PEI Operating Partners Forum is the largest international forum of its kind and is focused on operations. It brings together leading global investors to discuss challenges, opportunities, and trends in the sector.

The event took place in light of supply chain disruption due to Covid-19, the Russia-Ukraine crisis, and ongoing economic uncertainty.

Rami Cassis is an international investor and founder of Parabellum Investments. He manages and leads companies across several sectors, including fashion, energy, life sciences, technology, and mining.